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Thematic Tours

A stay at the «Volets Blancs», is also discovering new horizons… !
Eager to communicate her love for this wonderful area, Marie-Josée shares her experience without any restrictions and makes a point that you do not miss out on anything. She has concocted you a variety of one-day tours in which all the highlights are put together so your holiday is maximized.

And when the evening comes…the joy of sharing these magic moments ! Tell us your impressions !

Rocamadour and wonderland

Clinging to the cliff, the extraordinary Rocamadour dominates the Alzou canyon. High place of pilgrimages where history conjugates miracles and legends, it is the second site most visited in France after Mont St Michel.

And on the road, a perfect harmony between spectacular sceneries, the plenitude of the villages and the romantic castles along the Dordogne river. From the fortified Mill of Cougnaguet to Martel and the seven towers, a ceaseless amazement.

[ Lien : www.vallee-dordogne-rocamadour.com ]

The Padirac Chasm and the «most beautiful villages of France»

Vertiginous, 103m below is a subterranean palace, an infinite succession of galleries leading to rivers and lakes. The "Gouffre de Padirac" is the second most visited site in the Lot. Will you be intimidated by the «devils' legend» ?

How beautiful nature is... a breathtaking view of the natural rocky amphitheatre! The river, the cascade, the valley and... Autoire unfolds. Enchanting countryside displaying medieval villages so charming and secretive. Alleys overlooking forgotten gardens which throws you in the past... Loubressac, Castelnau Bretenoux, Carennac, Martel, etc...

[ Lien  www.gouffre-de-padirac.com ]

The meanders of the Célé and the Lot

Picturesque countryside, the quercynois' architecture displays its patrimony: dovecots, sheepfolds, stone huts called Cazelle or Gariotte. From the harshness of the Gramat Causses to the freshness of the Braunhie forest, kilometres of drystone walls leading you to clear waters and white cliffs.

Discovering the ruins of a benedictine abbey, exploring fascinating caves and troglodytes, stroll in perched villages... what a program ! Gently rocked from one world to the other... you will be astonished by the prehistoric Pech Merle, St-Cirq-Lapopie... as far as the Valentré Bridge in Cahors.

[ Lien : www.tourisme-lot.com ]

Cahors and the vineyards

From Jules Cesar to the Black Prince, Cahors was always the object of covetousness. In the 13c the Lombards contributed to its prosperity, the Templars followed. Cahors was ceded to the English and by 1450 they left Quercy. The town was ruined. Strange destiny... nevertheless it stood up, proud and elegant, Cahors asserted itself and became a dynamic city where it feels good to live.

Discovering the vineyards along the winding Lot river... one can imagine the middle age «gabarres» shipping wine to Bordeaux. Between perched villages, peaks and cliffs, elegant homes and castles, the omnipresence of water rocks you gently in a peaceful scenery.

[ Lien : www.valleedulot.com 

Jardin du Ségala and Champollion

From the Caves of Presque, a fabulous view over the Bave Valley guides you to Château de Montal. And St-Céré opens you the gates on the «Jardin du Segala» (land where rye grows): green prairies, underwoods, lakes and waterways. The mildness of the bocages and enchanted forests beautifies the medieval remnants.

A country setting where charming villages are tucked away between turrets and castles : Cardaillac, Lacapelle-Marival... And Figeac, City of Art and History, somptuous architecture immerses you instantly in the world of the outstanding Orientalist Champollion, his birthplace.

[ Lien : www.tourisme-lot.com ]

Heading for Corrèze

Between haze and light, the amphitheatre of Montvalent overlooks on infinite landscape; each bend offers you a new perspective. Heading for Floirac, the picturesque road runs for the most part beside the Dordogne river, sometimes along a ledge above it.

Hilly countryside where walnut and poplar trees, vineyards and orchards prosper, you enter the old viscounty of Turenne.. Meyssac is built of red sandstone and leads you to one of the most beautiful villages in France, Collonges-la-Rouge, a symphony of architecture and history.

[ Lien : www.correze.net ]

Sarlat and Périgord noir

City of Art and History, Sarlat-la-Caneda will know how to conquer you by its millennium patrimony. From the Dordogne to the Vézère, discover this region full of treasures : birthplace of prehistory, middle-age magnificence, castles and voluptuous gardens. A ceaseless delight !

The Périgord Noir is also Domme, la Roque-Gageac and Beynac, all labeled «most beautiful village in France». Between rivers and steep cliffs is Les Eyzies, the Capital of prehistory. It will lead you to the «Grottes de Lascaux II», eighth wonder of the world !

[ Lien : www.sarlat.com ]

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